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Eddie Rall Diving Eddie Rall giving the thumbs up while diving
Danny after a job Danny Libretti after a job
Duane Wood and Billy Lake in the Rescue 2 kitchen making pudding
Kevin Kevin O'Rourke with some of his many local fans
Rescue 2 company dinner - 2000
L to R - FF Somin, FF Pase, FF Napolitano
L to R -(Back) Rall, Galione, Evers, Murphy, Gregory, Quinn, Brzezinski, Bondy, Sheriff, (Front - 3rd from L)-Senzel, Coyle, Higgins, Lund, Civitillo
Company dinner Rescue 2 company dinner - 1999
Left to Right: Civitello, Lake, Keisling, Romeo, Pase, & Lt. Martin
John Napolitano getting the Rescue 2 Bulldog tattoo
Terry Coyle and Eddie Rall
Dave Arciere and Danny Libretti
FF Smith, R2 & FF Brennan, Sq-288 Following operations at State St. Gas explosion & collapse
Kevin O'Rourke Taking up after a fire
FF Brzezinski @ recent Dive Training
Hockey Team - led by Ray Downey (bottom right)
Left to Right: Jardin, Quinn, Gregory
Left to Right: Brzezinski, Jardin, Lt. Lund, O'Rourke, Eisengrein, Donnelly
1st Annual R2 Harley Owners Ride Oct. '99 Left to Right: Keisling, Lake, Eisengrien, Jardin, Higgins
A hands Box 3726 June 10, 2000 Kneeling: Arciere. Standing left to right: Pase, Cruz, Lt. Lund, Jardin, Eisengrien. Photo courtesy of S. Williams
You did what's right, even when nobody knew
Quiet hero, now the world is watching you
Shoulder to shoulder, you fought to save lives
We'll never forget you; but there was no time to say good-bye

If you only knew how much we love you
If you only knew how much we care
There'll be times when we're down
Wishing you were still around
But your memory is always in our hearts
Strong and brave, was a way of life for you
Rescue 2 was your dream come true
F.D.N.Y. , you can all be proud
The bravest gave their lives
To save many in the crowd
(Repeat Chorus)

And now, you can rest
Knowing that you gave your best
We'll make sure, your children know
What you stood for, as they grow.
And you'll know, right now, how much we love you
And you'll know, right now, how much we care
And they won't keep us down
We're together, we are strong
'Cause your memory is always in our hearts
No, they won't keep us down
We're together, we are strong
'Cause your memory is always in our hearts
Always in Our Hearts.

This beautiful song was written in tribute to
FF Lincoln Quappe of Rescue 2 by his brother,
Chuck and family. The song is dedicated to all
fallen or missing firefighters....
...our "quiet heroes".
lincoln Lincoln Quappe at Rescue 2
"Boro of Fire"Map of Brooklyn

2004 Runs & Workers
Rescue Runs OSWs
2 3,685 536
3 1,801 343
1 2,435 308
4 2,553 301
5 2,005 230

2003 Runs & Workers
Rescue Runs OSWs
2 2,543 544
1 2,851 356
3 1,460 348
4 1,968 278
5 2,195 203

Fulton St Bodega Fire Flatbush Box 3726, 6/10/00 Tavella, Sandas, Gregory, & Jardin Atlantic Ave Mill Basin Draw Bridge

Donations would be greatly appreciated to help the families of our fallen firefighters.
Please send your donations to
Rescue 2 Family Fund
P.O. Box 130262, Brooklyn, NY 11213

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